Tier List

The classes listed here are broken up in to tiers. The first two tiers are not appropriate for PCs in this campaign. Within a tier classes are NOT in any particular order. Highly optimized characters may go up a tier while particularly poorly made characters may go down a tier. I will not penalize (or reward) for this. Without further ado:

Tier 1 (Unplayable)
Wizard, Cleric, Archivist, Druid, Artificer, Erudite (With Spell-to-Power Variant), Sha’ir

Tier 2 (Unplayable)
Psion, Erudite (w/o Spell-to-Power), Sorcerer, Favored Soul, Binder (with online material)

Tier 3
Bard, Beguiler, Dread Necromancer, Crusader, Swordsage,Warblade, Binder, Ranger (Wildshape Variant), Duskblade, Factotum, Psychic Warrior, Wu Jen, Shugenja, Totemist

Tier 4
Rogue, Barbarian, Warlock, Warmage, Scout, Ranger, Hexblade, Adept, Spellthief, Marshal

Tier 5
Fighter, Monk, CA Ninja, Healer, Swashbuckler, Rokugan Ninja, Soulknife, Expert, OA Samurai, Paladin, Knight, CW Samurai (With Imperious Command)

Tier 6
CW Samurai, (w/o Imperious Command), Aristocrat, Warrior, Commoner

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