House Rules

These are my House Rules…

-Classes of the first tier are banned.
-Classes of the second tier are banned.

-Sublime Chord is banned.
-Blighter is banned.
-Ur-Priest is banned.
-Mage of the Arcane Order is banned.
-Skypledged is banned.
-Apostle of Peace is banned.
-Planar Shepard is banned.
-Rainbow Servant is banned.

-Shivering Touch is banned.
-Spells that change your form (Ex: Polymorph, Shapechange) allow only forms with a CR less than or equal to the users level.
-Celerity, Lesser is banned.
-Celerity is banned.
-Celerity, Greater is banned.
-Faith Healing is a powerful spell, but also a flavorful one that can be fine when not misused. When the game begins it will be allowed but carefully monitored for abuse. If the entire party worships one deity, they better act like they do.

-In order to use a Nightstick, you must attune to it a process that requires 24 hours and you may only be attuned to one Nightstick at any one time. This rule prevents Nightsticks from stacking.

-At level 1, all characters receive a bonus feat. The prerequisites for that feat must be met as normal.
-At level 1, all characters receive Toughness (Pathfinder Version) as a bonus feat.

-The spell level increase from Persistent Spell may not be reduced or paid for in any other manner. (ex: Divine Metamagic)
-The Dodge feat now grants the following beneft: “You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also makes you lose the benefits of this feat.” and no longer grants its previous benefit. Any feat that refers to a “dodge opponent” must be selected for that feat, and if a character possesses multiple such feats they must select the same opponent for all.
-Mercantile Background may not be used to purchase items at a reduced rate before play has begun.
-Flaws are banned.

-Players may not begin at an advanced age category.
-There are no multiclass experience penalties. As such, there are no favored classes. Favored classes are now for flavor only.
-We will be using Fractional BAB: Classes now provide a base attack bonus even when they do not provide a whole number increase. Classes now provide either 0.5, 0.75 or 1 base attack bonus per level. Base attack bonuses are still rounded down, but the decimal should be kept track of. This rule prevents penalization of taking two classes with a poor base attack bonus for example.

-Some skills are being combined.
Spot and Listen are now “Awareness”
Hide and Move Silently are now “Stealth”
Balance and Tumble are now “Acrobatics”
Swim, Jump and Climb are now “Athletics”
Disable Device and Open Lock are now “Disable Device” The new Disable Device is keyed to Dex.

-The skill Lucid Dreaming is rare knowledge, and may not be learned unless taught by an NPC.

There is a gentleman’s agreement in regards to save-or-dies, you are able to take them but the more you use them to kill bosses the more likely 10 bodaks will be around the next corner.

Attempts to get a different spell list, particularly the spell list of a banned class (including doing so in ways not listed here) have a high likelihood of being disallowed. Many of the banned prestige classes are banned for exactly the reason that they allow access to spell lists that are otherwise banned.

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