Campaign Specific Information

These are sort of house rules, but sort of just information for how to build your character to fit in to the game. Some of these are just rules I often see ignored, that I plan to enforce.

-I encourage PCs to go over their characters with me personally, one-on-one. Both goals, and eventually builds (as much as they have planned). I think this will allow the game to be improved and will prevent disappointment if someone is building toward something, and I interpret that something differently or as inappropriate for the game.

-Encumbrance: Weight of equipment will be tracked and characters with low strength may find themselves with Medium or Heavy Loads.

-Projectiles: Please keep track of your remaining ammunition.

-Magic Items: Will not come identified. The spell Identify must be cast by the party (or a similar method used), or by an NPC willing to do it as a favor or for a charge.

-Relics: In keeping with the rules/spirit of Relics, they are not available for sale, or to be crafted. Only to be found.

-Expensive material components: Must be purchased in advance! The spells that need them are powerful, and require planning ahead. Don’t just erase 1000 gp and call it square. Buy it ahead of time!

-Heal should do more, so I’m going to put increased focus on the Complete Adventurer option to use Heal to identify cause of death.

-Appraise should do more. Some of your treasure will be GP, some of your treasure will be in stuff, but some of it will be in rare rocks or art. If no one in your party knows what they are worth, your loss.

-Gather Information. Gather Information will be used to find magic items for sale greater than +1 or similarly priced items. NPCS may be available to craft such items but may require a contact to make an appointment or the like. Additionally, Gather Information can be used as a substitute for a knowledge check. If given 1d4 + 1 hours of searching the streets, your character can attempt a Gather Information check for the information

-Skill checks may be called for even when there is nothing to find, in order to prevent metagaming. Repeated attempts to reroll after receiving a “You find/learn nothing” result will be frowned upon and will be discouraged by random reinforcement that sometimes there just isn’t anything to find.

-Expect skills that rarely come up, decipher script, swim, jump and the like to make an appearance in this game. Far from pandering to the fighter who has useless class skills, I think this will increase the believability of the game and reduce the combat min/maxing that can reduce the fun experienced by all.

-If your character is Pious, have a deity. If not, then not is an option as well. It might actually come up.

-I’m bad at naming things, so you may find places or NPCs with familiar names. They may have nothing to do with their real life or pop culture counterpart, I just couldn’t think of a name.

-Exact time is difficult to keep track of without the invention of portable clocks, but it will be tracked in general. Lack of sleep could lead to penalties above and beyond inability to cast spells.

-Ask NPCs about other NPCs! People have opinions about famous people. Just don’t expect them to have heard of everyone. Feel free to ask about other people, “What do you think of the king” and similar questions should become commonplace (unless you’re in a town with a king who’s sensitive to that sort of thing and gets upset).

-NPCs of the banned base classes exist, they are just not appropriate classes for PCs in this campaign. NPCs of the banned prestige classes do NOT exist in the game world.

-PCs should decide ahead of time if they want to put aside some portion of their money to provide for healing/decursing for the party. I’m fine either way, but I want people to decide ahead of time.

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